About the Trusted Trader Program

Australian Trusted Trader is a voluntary accreditation programme that recognises secure and compliant industry supply chain practices and offers tailored trade facilitation benefits to those accredited businesses.

This programme is a partnership between the Australian Government and private businesses including importers, exporters, domestic or international freight companies, ports, airports and brokers.

The key aim is to streamline and facilitate trade and enhance supply chain security. Australian Trusted Trader will offer Trusted Traders benefits that reward better supply chain management and help businesses forge new global trade links and operate with greater certainty.

Consistent with international standards, the Australian Trusted Trader aligns with the World Customs Organization’s Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (the SAFE Framework). This allows more efficient clearance of low-risk cargo and provides opportunities for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection to tailor border clearance requirements to particular risks specific to a business, their goods and supply chain.

The benefits of the Trusted Trader Program

Australian Trusted Trader aims to provide trade facilitation benefits to businesses with strong security practices and a history of compliant behaviour. They list the benefits as:

  • reduced red tape
  • expedited border clearance, processing and release of shipments
  • greater certainty, reduced interventions, and where inspections are required, Trusted Traders will receive priority service
    deferred or streamlined reporting
  • priority access to trade services such as trade advice rulings and applications
  • enhanced client service through the provision of a dedicated point of contact.

The accreditation process for the Trusted Trader Program

The accreditation process is the same for all businesses seeking Trusted Trader accreditation.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection have outlined a set of key requirements that must be met in the form of a self-assessment. Once a business verifies that they do meet the requirements and submit their assessment, a physical inspection and audit of a business’ supply chain security and trade compliance standards is done to verify the information supplied in each Australian Trusted Trader self-assessment questionnaire.

If they fit the requirements, then they become an accredited Trusted Trader.

The current requirements are downloadable here.


More information
For more information you can visit the following sites:

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