Environmental Policy

Our Values

Sadleirs Logistics aspires in adopting environmental best practices within the transportation industry by promoting a positive environmental culture for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our Commitment

Sadleirs Logistics as a national transport operator is committed to managing our operations in a way that complies with all relevant environmental legislation and standards. We will ensure the availability of adequate resources to maintain and continually improve environmental performance.

Our Objectives

Sadleirs Logistics will continuously identify, assess and manage the elements of our operation that impact on the environment. In line with best business practice we will:

Minimise pollution and consumption of fuel, energy and water where possible.
Reduce and dispose of waste with minimal environmental impact.
Develop and maintain a management system, which establishes responsibilities, targets, monitoring methods and a review process of environmental performance.
Provide awareness training and where required job specific training for employees on environmental issues.
Consider environmental aspects in all investment and procurement decisions.
Encourage suppliers and contractors to introduce programmes that support our environmental objectives and targets where their activities have a significant impact on the environment.
Consider and respect our stakeholders when managing our environmental activities.
Support innovation in environmental performance with involvement of our stakeholders.

Policy Control and Review

Copies of this policy will be displayed at all Sadleirs Logistics locations, communicated to employee and be available to all interested parties. Policy changes will be approved and communicated by the Director of Compliance.

The Sadleirs Logistics Environmental Management System will be audited, reviewed annually and revised taking into consideration, changes in technology, legislation or company requirements.


Group Chief Executive Officer